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Vitamin D3 Deficiency is Very Common

Scientists estimate that nearly 72% of U.S. adults suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency and there is a strong association between Vitamin D3 deficiency and obesity, weight gain, and the inability to lose weight.

Vitamin D is found in 2 forms; D2 and D3. Vitamin D2 can be toxic to the body, and unfortunately Vitamin D3 is rarely found in foods. Also, the human body stops producing Vitamin D after being in the sun for 15 minutes. So exposure to sunlight is an inappropriate way to mediate Vitamin D production, and also increases the risks for skin cancer. Therefore, for adequate dosage and safety, Vitamin D3 tablets are the preferred method of intake.

Essentially, Vitamin D3 tablets allow the body to burn fat instead of storing fat. It also mediates hunger and controls cravings. Appropriate levels of Vitamin D3 help people lose weight more quickly than people who have low levels of Vitamin D3.

Also, appropriate levels of Vitamin D3 are preventive and corrective for several skin conditions; resulting in wrinkle reduction, skin brightening, and increased elasticity.

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