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Vitamin D3 Deficiency is Very Common

Scientists estimate that nearly 72% of U.S. adults suffer from a Vitamin D3 deficiency. Also concerning, is the strong association between Vitamin D3 deficiency and weight and skin issues; including obesity, weight gain, the inability to lose weight, and unfortunately, several unhealthy skin conditions.

Vitamin D is found in 2 forms; D2 and D3. Vitamin D2 can be toxic to the body, and unfortunately Vitamin D3 is rarely found in foods. Also, the human body stops producing Vitamin D after being in the sun for 15 minutes. So exposure to sunlight is an inappropriate way to mediate Vitamin D production, and also increases the risks for skin cancer. Therefore, for adequate dosage and safety, Vitamin D3 tablets are the preferred method of intake.

Relative to weight loss, Vitamin D3 tablets allow the body to burn fat instead of storing fat. It also mediates hunger and controls cravings. Appropriate levels of Vitamin D3 help people lose weight more quickly than people who have low levels of Vitamin D3. Although Vitamin D3 is essential, the sources of Vitamin D3 in our diets is limited. Actually, Vitamin D3 is a fat soluble hormone that effects the endocrine system, cell communication, and cell proliferation. In order to prevent Vitamin D3 deficiency, it is important to take Vitamin D3 on a daily basis.

Also, appropriate levels of Vitamin D3 are preventive and corrective for several skin conditions. One little known impact of the lack of Vitamin D3 is the integrity of the skin barrier, which can cause issues such as acne, chronic dryness, and increased sensitivity. Additionally, Vitamin D3 can help prevent skin cancer by inhibiting cell proliferation. Vitamin D3 also increases cell differentiation that helps restore a healthy skin barrier, modulates immunity, and improves wound healing by decreasing inflammation and reducing erythema. Therefore, adequate dosage of Vitamin D3 helps result in inhibiting skin cancer, reducing wrinkles, inhibiting acne, decreasing sensitivity, increasing hydration, brightening the skin, and increasing the skin’s elasticity.     

Be sure to tell your nurse practitioner about all medications that you are taking, and if there are any changes in your medications. There are multiple medications that have the ability to interfere with the absorption of Vitamin D3. Adequate absorption is essential for benefiting through supplementation of Vitamin D3 and is a valuable source for contributing to a healthy body and lifestyle.

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