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Are bacteria making you fat?

Eliminate Bacteria & Lose Weight!
People who take probiotics lose twice as much weight as those who take none. Too much bad bacteria in your intestinal tract cause weight gain. Research shows that the amount and type of gut flora in overweight versus thin people varies; good bacteria in thinner people and bad bacteria in overweight people. Bad bacteria cause more fat to be stored, and increases sugar and fatty food cravings. This happens because gut bacteria affects how you digest food and turn it into energy.

Probiotics filter out and eliminate harmful bacteria, toxins, chemicals, and other waste products. The good bacteria in probiotics reduce inflammation while eliminating the bad bacteria in your intestines. Therefore, Probiotics boost the immune system and protects against germs. Emotional stress, lack of sleep, and antibiotics foster the growth of bad bacteria, BUT Probiotics reduce stress, promote psychological well-being, and reduces fatigue.

You can add probiotics to your digestive system by taking our tablet form of probiotics. A minimum of 10 billion live cultures and 6 different strains is essential for Probiotics to foster weight loss. Always be sure that your Probiotics are at least 10 billion live (or active) cultures with 6 different strains!

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