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Biotin Increases Metabolism!

Biotin accelerates weight loss. More good news: Biotin is available at Glow Medical Aesthetics in the form of the necessary 5000 mcg strength. For weight loss, this strength of Biotin plays a role in the conversion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins into glucose, or useable energy for the body, reducing the likelihood that these nutrients will be stored away as fat. Also, this strength of Biotin allows the nervous system to increase caloric efficiency which reduces fatigue.

It’s important to consume Biotin regularly because your body doesn’t store it.

To maximize the usage of Biotin for weight loss, other injectable B vitamins need to be present. Biotin especially enhances metabolism when taken with choline, B5, and the other B vitamins found in our Lipo-lite injection.

Poor absorption of food as a result of reduced intestinal flora interferes with Biotin absorption. Also, alcohol intake can flush Biotin from the body. Therefore, the Lipo-Lite Injection and the use of GLOW’s Probiotic taken in conjunction with Biotin is recommended for optimal results.