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BIOTIN Tablets

Tablets for weight loss!

Aids in Weight Loss
Biotin is an enzyme plays a pivotal role in supporting metabolic function and works as a co-enzyme to help break down food, particularly carbohydrates. Your resting metabolic rate is elevated and food breaks down faster when consuming biotin, which prevents fat storage. This is why biotin and accelerates weight loss. More good news: biotin is available at Glow Medical Aesthetics in the form of the necessary 5000mcg strength.

Regulates Blood Sugar
Biotin intake has been associated with helping to fight and preventing diabetes, particularly type 2. Biotin improves glycemic control in overweight to obese individuals with type 2 diabetes.” A 2015 study found that, “Biotin deficiency has been linked to impaired glucose tolerance and decreased utilization of glucose,” causing weight gain. BUT appropriate amounts of Biotin help in weight loss.

Improves the Health of Your Skin: Prevent Aging
Biotin deficiency can lead to a variety of skin problems including rashes, acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, lines, wrinkles, and overall itchiness. Biotin plays a key role in the function of the nervous system and do affect hormone function, which suggests why depleting biotin levels can in turn play a significant role in skin health. If skin isn’t nourished from the inside out, toxicities will form throughout the nervous system and manifest itself on the skin’s surface. This is one of the biggest signs that suggest a deficiency in biotin.

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