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Remove Dark Spots Forever!

The CryoCorrect PRECISION™ treatment device employs carbon dioxide cryotherapy technology to safely and effectively remove skin lesions such as skin tags, actinic keratosis, sun spots, and more, on the face, hands, and body. Plus, when patients integrate daily use of SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF serum, results are even more significant. The CryoCorrect treatment is done in-office and is completely non-invasive. The skin lesion is frozen for 5-8 seconds using the CryoCorrect device. There is little to no downtime and discomfort is minimal.

Following the CryoCorrect treatment, the treated skin lesion will darken in color, and a scab will form. The scab will then slough off between 2-3 weeks, revealing healthy skin underneath. Some patients even see results in as little as one treatment, with final results seen  within 2-4 weeks.

It’s actually quite simple: A micro fine burst of liquid CO2 freezes the water in the discolored skin cell, forcing the cell to expand over time (usually four to six weeks) and combust, and the discolored spot(s) disappear. Its unique factor compared to other skin pens on the market is: “The newest innovation in cryotherapy is the use of CO2, which offers the mildest freezing temperature when compared to other cryogen methods like liquid nitrogen and nitrous oxide. This gives it the fastest healing time, least risk of pigmentary changes or scarring and most comfortable patient experience,” says New York dermatologist Julie Karen, MD. “Because of the gentle freeze, it is the most elegant solution for cosmetic lesion removal, especially on the face. Patients love how simple the treatment is—it takes less than one minute—and at a much lower cost than a series of laser treatments, it’s the perfect solution for patients who avoid cosmetic services because of the expense. Plus, most patients only need one treatment to get rid of the spot entirely, and complete healing occurs within 14–30 days.”

Easily Remove Unwanted Skin Spots Forever!