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Defy Lines, Defy Gravity!

Dermal fillers reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, add volume and fullness to the contours of the face and increase the fullness and plumpness of the skin for a more youthful appearance. There is also the benefit of collagen stimulation each time Juvederm is injected! A number of dermal fillers are available, but Juvederm is the best facial filler and no one should settle for less. Juvederm provides instant, natural, long lasting results.

Over time, the effects of aging can take a toll on our appearance. Skin becomes thinner, loses its elasticity, and is more prone to fine lines, wrinkles, creases and folds. Fortunately, it is possible today to restore a smoother, more youthful appearance with the use of dermal fillers, which are injected beneath the skin’s surface to fill depressed areas.

Juvederm Ultra XC and/or Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, are used for correction of creases, wrinkles, nasolabial folds, marionettes lines, smile lines, corner lines, narrow lips, wrinkled lips, deflated lips, or lips that “fold under” when you smile.
Juvederm Voluma is used to gently lift and plump cheeks, restoring a youthful profile to the cheeks. Also, it fills in facial hollows, smoothes facial folds, and offers an instant cheek lift. Juvederm Voluma lasts up to 2 years with optimal treatment.

All forms of Juvederm are smooth injectable Hyaluronic acid gel that replaces the Hyaluronic acid that occurs naturally in your skin, but has diminished over time. The type of Juvederm used is specific to where it will be injected to provide the look desired. Not only will you look younger today, but results may last up to 2 years depending on the type of Juvederm used.

At GLOW, you are not required to buy an entire syringe of any type of Juvederm. We pro-rate the cost so that the only fee is just for the specific amount of Juvederm you use. Your injector should be a currently licensed and Board Certified Nurse Practitioner or Medical Doctor; these professionals have expertise and outstanding knowledge. All Juvederm treatments are performed by our Board Certified nurse practitioners. They will work with you to create the perfect look for you.

This report is for your information only, and is not considered individual patient advice. Because of the changing nature of drug information, please consult your nurse practitioner about specific clinical use.